Lab 3

Hello everyone

So It has been a while since I started learning about Open Source Development, and of course being open also means you can help contribute to other people’s project too. I have always love to coding with JavaScript and C++ and doing Front-end development in general. After a long time searching through collections in GitHub, I have finally chosen BananaBread, Command & Conquer and Untrusted as project that I am interested in

1. BananaBread

BananaBread is a compact and efficient 3D game engine according to the author that use JavaScript and WebGL, with it programmer can build a First Person Shooter game in web browser. I chose it because I am interesting in the idea of an 3D game engine and shooter game, it also uses C++ language, which is one of my favorite language and the one that I am familiar with. I would like to help with any issues that was posting, or even test the project and post issu by myself. I think I need to dive deeper into JavaScript and C++ language to be able to contribute.

2. Command & Conquer

This is one of my favourite, because it is my favorite Real Time Strategy game that are made in HTML5 and Javascript. I have been learning some Web’s language, so that is why I would like to have project that I can contribute to. I will also try to support this project with my knowledge, although it maybe not enough.

3. Untrusted

This is an interesting one, becasue it is an Meta-JavaScript Adventure Game that is running on Javascript, and the gameplay is really interesting. It is running on Javascript, so I can learn alot from this project, and also help with whatever I can.

So that is it folks, I hope that you are interesting in these projects just like I do, see you later in the next lab, cheers.

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