Project Update 3

Greeting everyone,

So, this is my last update for this project. A few days ago, I got an update from my pull request from the rep owner. He said: Optimizing” tests is rather pointless. Also, I use my new var incorrectly, since I never recalculate that value. Finally, this will fail to build on certain old compilers (mainly Visual Studio) due to variable declarations that aren’t at the beginning of the functions.

After looking at the whole code clearer. I can see that and I agree with the owner. He recommended me not to focus on the tests, but instead on the JSON code instead. So I understand why he will not update his branch.

Overall, even though my changes are not updated, I am still grateful for the experience that this project has given me. I had a chance to apply my knowledge in optimization, improve my skill further. This project will help me more in my future career as a developer.

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