Lab 4

Salute my fellow programmer,

It is me again, with some update on my coding adventure. It took me a long time but I am now able to update my progress on my SPO600 lab 4.

This is my objective, that I copied from the Lab4 page:

+Build and test this file.

  • Does it produce the same output each time?

+Test the performance of this program.

  • How long does it take to run the scaling?
  • How much time is spent scaling the sound samples? Be sure to eliminate the time taken for the non-scaling part of the program (e.g., random sample generation).
  • Do multiple runs take the same time? How much variation do you observe? What is the likely cause of this variation?
  • Is there any difference in the results produced by the various algorithms? How much does numeric accuracy matter in this application?

So first of all, I extract the whole file, just as I should

Then I started running the test to see the run time for it.

I realize it gave the same result 94. After I Pre-calculate a lookup table (array) of all possible sample values multiplied by the volume factor, and look up each sample in that table to get the scaled values. This is what I got.

And here, I convert the volume factor 0.75 to a fix-point integer by multiplying by a binary number representing a fixed-point value “1”.

Overall, this lab gave me a chance to practice with alternative methods for my coding experience, I will update more with my lab 5 progress. Thanks for reading.

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