0.4 Final

Hey, hello for the last time.

So, this is my final post for this course now ( I may update this site more with other courses’s content in the future).

For the last few weeks, I have a lot of works to do, from job and also from other courses, so I have to choose something that suit my time. After a while, I found a rougelike project that is really interesting, and it needs some help with implemented a stat, so I help the owner with it. It was a JavaScript feature that I implemented after I have found out that he wanted it to be like Pokemon Speed stat. I was just added another variables in both player and monster stat, and also change the battlehandler to support speed stat by deciding whether monster or player has a higher stat. After This project, I learned more about how game works in website, and I may use it in my other courses in the future.

That is it for now, I think I will be off for a while. See you guys later.

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