Final 0.3 Post

Good evening my fellow coders.

Yes, I know that I am late for the post, because I had a lot of trouble working on my old projects, so I had some changes that I would like to mention today

Firstly, I find my old issues quite difficult, so I decided to switch to another project called SpaceShooter. I help the project by adding some soundtrack to the game, and implement a simple JavaScript file for it. I admit that I made a lot of commits because I was uploading the files at the wrong order and styles, so I had to do it again.

For this issues, I have to look up at a JavaScript audio library project called Howler, so that I can implement the audio easily. It was a new discovery for me because I may need it in future project. I think this project helps me dig into JavaScript deeper, helping me in a long run in Open Source Projects.

Thank you for your time, and I will see you later.

Issue Link:

Howler Link:

Music Link:

  • The new cool sound library that you should have a look

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