Release 0.2 Update

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since my last post, and I have been able to submit a lot of things to open source projects. As I have stated in my previous post, I have chosen some other simpler projects to work on in C and C++. So here is my report for what have done on the past few weeks.

I was trying to find some open source projects that needed helps, or projects that allow me to submit a pull request in C language. I will included the name of the projects and the link to it in the end of this post. The issues was mostly asking any contributor to add some application in their project’s appropriate language’s folder, while one of the issue was asking to adding another condition to a find prime number program.

I chose to work on these projects because I am most familiar with C and C++. I have been studying it from the first semester until now, so it is the language that I am confident to work with.

I used Visual Studio 2017 to work on the code, and changed some of the errors that I did not pay attention before. After a while, I was able to finish my work and pull a request to the project.

Thanks to the projects, I was able to practice my C and C++ programming more, and discover some uses of library and functions that I have not used much before.  I will update more on my last post for this Release, thank you for reading my late post :D.



– Adding Credit Card Program:

– Adding Finding Prime Number Program:

– Create Basisc C Game:

– Adding Bank Account Program:

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