Release 0.1

This is my first large project for OSD600, so I am still pretty bad at fixing the code and use git features. It is also my first open source contribution ever for Github. So I will tell you how I got it all figured out.

1. Process

+Firstly, I need to pick a file to work on. By the time I started to do the assignment, a lot of files has already been chosen, so I finally decided to choose fs.lstat.spec.

+After I have chosen the file I wanted to work with, I forked the Filer directory.

+When I had made sure the forked repository is in my GitHub account, I started to clone the repository on my laptop to work with the project locally with the “git clone” command line.

+ I tried to install the npm first by typing npm install, then I ran the test to get the result.

+After I made sure that everything runs fine, I went to the issues tab and posted my issue there.

+I tried to create a branch with my issue number and then edit the Github repository file with my local machine file.

+Lastly, I pull a request to the original repository, set a name for it and added description.

-My issue link:, I tried to fix the var into let and const in a correct way and added strict mode in.

-My pull request link:

-My review’s link:, I found out that he forgot to change some let into const.

That was all the steps that I needed to do this project.I did have a look back at the review comment and changed what I needed. l I did learn a lot about editing code, finding mistake and understand more function on GitHub.I would try to pull the request by command line next time to know how to to it differently. I thought it would be easy but turns out it was quite time-consuming. Thank you for going through all of this with me, I will see you on the next post.

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